How You Can Apply for the Scholarships from Pakistan

As we can see that how much costly today’s education is and thinking about studying abroad can get you down because you think that you cannot afford it. But it is a misconception that getting an education from abroad can cost an arm and leg because there are multiple scholarships for people who want to study in international colleges and universities. Applying to those scholarships and grants to pay your monthly or semester or year fee is just like a stepping stone to better knowledge. These scholarships are granted to hard-working students to help them achieve their goals and ambitions. Almost all top colleges and universities grant scholarships to eligible candidates, you just have to have information that what they are about and how and where you have to apply for them. We aim to provide you how you can apply to the best scholarship programs to study abroad without being in tension to pay a huge amount of money from your pocket. We have also gathered a few tactics on how to successfully submit an application for availing the opportunity. Different types of scholarships for different countries are also listed below in one place for your convenience.

The Basic Guideline to Successful Scholarship Application:

Scholarships from Pakistan

If you are struggling to write a good application for top scholarship programs so that you can easily scrape off some money along with accommodation and other living expenses in different international universities. You need to complete your scholarship application as efficiently as possible. This guide will help you with writing a successful application to apply for scholarships in international institutions.

Ask for Help: 

The first thing that you should do is to reach out to people to get information about the scholarship programs in top-notch universities and colleges. Get help from your professor, your university’s office, the international financial aid office, and academic advisors and ask them about the scholarship programs that they know of. You can also go to a consultant office to get advice on achieving those scholarships and also to know about different kinds of scholarships available at various universities. If you will go in person to the authorities to ask about these programs, then they can be amazed by your enthusiasm and can give you knowledge that they know about.

  • Research:

The next important thing is to research the scholarship programs to get full knowledge of them and how many are available at a time. Because of the more scholarships that you will apply for the more financial aid, you can get. You can look at the list of scholarships below, as we have written every single detail about them in short words. But the list is not absolute and you can search for some more options through different search engines. Search for the programs as early as possible because the more you search the more options you will have before the starting of the semester. To search for scholarship programs, create an attractive application, and to request information, you need a lot of time to do all these things. By doing research you will also find out how many scholarships you are eligible for, what is most suitable for your profile, and what information you need to add in your application for each program.

  • Make a List:

Another important action is to make a list of the scholarship programs in the order of most promising to the less promising ones. By organizing these things, you will have less pressure on your mind and will have a clear list of sending out the applications. You can divide your scholarship programs according to specific locations, programs, subject, university, organization, government, and private. These divisions can make you realize that what scholarship programs are most important to apply to and which of them can be more useful to get the grants. You can apply to more than one option because the more scholarships you have, the more money you will have to pay your fees and other things.

  • Include all Important Information:

Do not just blindly write your application and try to send it to all your scholarship options. This thing will let you go nowhere because you will miss much great and important information to include in your application. Try to look at the background of the institution that is offering you the scholarship and then start writing your application. List the points individually for all the applications and try to write an individual application for each of your options. Make sure that you have included all the details that their selection panel has requested for. If you will miss out on some information, then this will make a really bad impression of you on them. Your scholarship application resembles the cover letter of your job application where you have to add all your information and requirements. Spend some time looking at your application and making it perfect. Make sure on your side that the details that you are filling in should be authentic and can be verified through your documents. Wrong and unauthentic information may lead to the rejection of your application.

  • Provide references:

To make your application more promising and authentic, you need to provide references. Most of the international universities need references to check out the skills and knowledge that you possess. Providing references is a very important thing as it will demonstrate how much connected you are and how important part you will be at their university. You need to reach out to your professors for this important task and ask them to write a reference for you. This is another point that we should keep in mind that you should choose your professors wisely for a reference letter. Reach out to those who you have interacted the most, the ones whom class you have been a brighter student, and in which your impression is outstanding. Also when you tell them about writing a reference letter, you should see that who among them all is genuinely happy to hear you out. If someone is not ready to give you their time, then respect them and just move on to another option.

  • Keep Track of the Deadline:

If you are planning to apply for various scholarships, then you need to keep track of all of them. It will be difficult for you to do so because there will be different deadlines for different programs. You can make a calendar and mark your deadlines on it so that you can easily get know when you have to submit your application for a specific program. Keeping organized is the only thing that can save you from all the hustle of the last moments. Late application will not be considered and rejected at once. Once you think that you have filled every information then submit your application even if the deadline is far.

Types of Scholarships:

It is a myth that only those students who have the highest GPA will get the scholarship. We all have heard of it and believed it. But this is not true because there are various kinds of scholarships that every type of student can achieve. Students only need to know how to avail them and where to them. Let’s talk about different types of scholarships that are available for us to achieve:

  • Academic Scholarships:

These scholarships are granted to those individuals who have shown great performance throughout their academic session. Only those students will meet the criteria of this scholarship program that have incredible results in their finals or exceptional GPA. Many other students are included in this category like those who have achieved the highest marks in one of their subjects or those who have performed great in public service. These types of students can get a 100% scholarship through their results and can also take admissions in any top institution without paying a single penny.

  • Sports Scholarships:

This type of scholarship is granted to those people who have the incredible ability to be a sportsperson. This scholarship is a highly competitive and rarely available merit-based scholarship that is granted through some quota. Scholarships programs are available to every sport that is played in a specific country. The amount of percentage varies according to the medium of achieving or the country. This is like a door to your choice of university. These scholarships are only availed through your sports coach or some authority from your college who will nominate you for this.

  • Average Academic Scholarships:

People who are afraid by reading the above two mentioned scholarships do not stand a single chance of getting into the university of their choice because they do not have good academic history. They need not be afraid because a scholarship is available for these types of students who are not good in studies but have an incredible position in their college’s or university’s council or community service. They can be rated as hard workers and passionate who can do everything to make their college’s name proud. So you need not worry if your GPA is not 4.0, Average Academic scholarship will cover your university’s fee.

  • Minority Quota Scholarships:

Apart from these scholarships, there is another incredible option for people who are not local. These scholarships are available for minority students but they depend upon types of different ethnic groups. Some include all types of minority students from all types of ethnicities but other scholarship programs can be specific to only one ethnic group. These scholarships are funded through many different sources. They can be from one person giving importance to their ethnic student or government that can cover all types of minority students.

  • Scholarships especially for Women:

As we have seen that there are scholarships specified only to minorities, there is various other scholarship that is devoted only to women. These scholarships are given to make women empower in a country and to show the importance of women’s education. These scholarships are pathways for women towards the male-centric world. they are sponsored by one person or different association to motivate the women of the community to do something for themselves.

  • Scholarships for Creative Students:

Students who are good at arts and other creative things then also have a chance to avail of a certain type of scholarship that is devoted to these types of individuals. We have seen that in our country artists are not praised and everyone wants to be a doctor, engineer or lawyer in order to make their parents proud. These scholarships are available to empower these types of students and their choices. These scholarships are often granted by the art colleges or the art department of the university themselves, which are funded by government or private entities.

Different International Scholarships Available for Pakistani Students:

As we know that getting a scholarship is not an easy process and you have a lot of research before applying to any one of them. The most difficult thing is to find out about those scholarships because many students do not even know about how many types of scholarships are available for them to apply for. Here we have made a list of different scholarship programs that allow you to study free in many top universities in different international countries.

  • France Masters Scholarship 2020-22:

Those who are looking for a scholarship to complete their master’s degree from reputable universities in France can apply to this program. This is a fully-funded scholarship that will help you to pay your fees and also let you study without giving a single penny. These scholarships are funded personally by Ambassade de France au Pakistan. this will be a great opportunity for Pakistani students to complete their degree from France’s top universities and also to make a great impression by adding this to their portfolio. According to a study by UNESCO, France is on the number 4th among the best choices of getting education internationally. There are different requirements from people with different backgrounds. Therefore, people who are applying are requested to go through the eligibility criteria first.

  • Scholarships to Study in the USA:

Students who are keenly waiting for scholarships to apply to various universities in the USA, we have good news for them as their dream can be accomplished through this scholarship Program especially for Pakistani Students. US Pakistan knowledge Corridor Scholarships 2022 is an important program that provides funds to those students who have done their bachelor’s or those who have 18 years of education. This scholarship will let them get free of cost Masters leading to a PhD degree from top US universities. These scholarships by HEC to study in the USA will cover all your expenses including living stipend, settlement allowance, health insurance, and airfare. This will be an incredible option for Pakistani students to get an education from an international university.

  • HEC Chinese Government Scholarship 2022:

This is an important call for all those students who are willing to get a scholarship to study in China. this HEC Chinese Government Scholarship will cover all the expenses of education of selected students so that they can study hard without any worry of paying their university or hostel fee. The Chinese Scholarship Council providing degrees of masters, undergraduate, and doctoral programs. These Scholarships are fully funded by HEC and they are offering Pakistani students to get a degree in any area including Science, Agriculture, Engineering, Medicine, Legal studies, Economics, Management, Education, Literature, History, Fine arts, and Philosophy scholarship. This is one of the best scholarships that are being offered to Pakistani students to get their education from abroad.

  • Asian Development Bank Scholarships 2022

Students who are ready to apply for international universities but are worried about the expenses can apply for Asian Development Bank Scholarships 2022. This scholarship will let international students who have high academic results to study in various other international universities of Hong Kong, Japan, China, India, Pakistan, New Zealand, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, and the USA. This ADB scholarship is a fully funded one that offers expenses for all your activities including tuition fees, books, a monthly allowance, housing, instructional materials, travel, and medical insurance. This is considered one of the best and the application process is really easy without any charges.

  • HEC Masters Scholarship in Thailand 2022:

HEC is inviting applications from all the provinces of Pakistan to apply for this scholarship program 2022 to study in Thailand. Students can achieve their Master’s degree from Chulabhorn Graduate Institute. This scholarship will be granted based on your academic result, sports results, and potential of the candidate. The duration of this scholarship will be of 2 years and you will be offered degrees in Applied Biological Sciences: Environmental Toxicology, Environmental Health, and Chemical Sciences.

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